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How Many Of Us Work Daily At Being All We Can Be?

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.” ~ Stephen Richards


 We all say “I do!” but in my experience, very few actually follow through!

Most of us already have so much in our lives we can barely cope. “Being all we can be” sounds like a lot of extra work.

It is not that we are afraid of hard work. Many of us, especially entrepreneurs, are highly driven, hard-working people, but for better or for worse, we are all stuck in our unique habitual way of thinking and doing. It is comfortable, even if the results aren’t satisfactory.

Essentially, we are afraid of change. We avoid change by being busy, by fooling ourselves into believing that “busy-ness” is progress.

It is not.

Feeling busy allows us to survive another day and keep believing for one more day that we are moving forward: getting “this” done today so that tomorrow we’ll have time to do “that.”

It rarely works. No matter the industry we are in – executive, solopreneur, middle manager, shop owner, freelancer, mum… there’s a Magic Inbox that fills up with more things to do tomorrow that conveniently prevent us from doing the things that are uncomfortable now, but make life so much better tomorrow.

To live a fulfilled and happy life, we need to make change a priority. Challenge and create ourselves every day, like we eat and breathe… even though it may not seem as important as eating and breathing.

 Learn to love Change, even if it seems painful. The pain, I assure you, is “Very” temporary. The strangeness quickly becomes your “New Normal.”

Throw out the idea that change has to be big. We are all changing, every day, in barely perceptible ways. We age. We adopt new ideas. We form new habits. It’s no harder to adopt positive habits than it was to adopt your current self-defeating habits!

I encourage you to make a conscious small change today. Try a new idea or habit that’s aligned with what you want. Stick to it. Talk about it. Celebrate it. Follow through on it tomorrow and the next day until it is as natural as the excuses you are giving yourself now.

Be all you can be by making one tiny positive change, every day.

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