About Me

I am an Entrepreneur, Director on Advisory Boards, Business Mentor, Business Development Expert, Meta-Coach, Neuro-Semantic Practitioner. I started my career as a Para-Commando Officer. After graduating as a Civil and Electrical Engineer,  I worked in the Oil Industry in Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya with employees from many developed countries. I came to Australia as a Business Migrant and I am a dual citizen of Australia and France.


I Served as Chair Person at The Executive Connection
The Executive Connection (TEC) is an international network of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who meet regularly in a group of twelve to sixteen to share their know-how and address each other’s business issues and opportunities. TEC is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of Chief Executives.  During that period, I advised around 60 CEOs and Business Owners, helping them to grow their business.

I Worked as the MD of The Change Dynamic & the Financial Director of Margot Cairnes International
The businesses were employing 21 consultants, experts in Culture Change and Corporate Transformation.

I Chaired the Not-For-Profit Organisation, Leadership Without Borders
This Organisation was involved in providing guidelines on how to handle bullying in schools.

I Served as a Member of the Foreign Qualification for European Languages at the Institution of Engineers
I was in charge of assessing the qualifications of European Engineers.

I was Chairman of CHEFIN Advisory Board
CHEFIN Is a fast-growing Small Business enabling innovative and independent Chefs to bring authentic food and culture from around the world to your business and home. 

I was Chairman of Playoust Churcher Advisory Board
Playoust Churcher is an architectural and construction consulting business based on Sydney’s North Shore. My role was to develop a market niche by using innovative sales processes. 

I worked as an Engineer in the Oil industry in Africa for Schlumberger International
This period shaped the rest of my life. My responsibilities included; managerial duties, WHS including handling of radioactive equipment, handling and destruction of explosives. In Libya, I was in charge of a centre located in the Sahara Desert with 20 employees, a plane and many trucks carrying electronic equipment for oil exploration. Annual turnover was $40 – 50 million. The employees were from many countries, New Zealand, Sweden, Britain,  France, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Mexico and Nigeria.

I was a Paratroop Commando and Training Officer in the French Army



  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Specialisation in Offshore Platforms from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille.” Graduated 1981
  • Director Course – Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program – Exit Planning Institute
  • NLP & NS Practitioner, Meta-Coach
  • Foundation of Human Resources Professional Development – AHRI
  • MBA of the Street – Family Business Association
  • Conflict Resolution – The Conflict Resolution Network
  • Mediating Workplace Bullying Complaints – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Mediation Course – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Train the Trainer: Preventing and Managing Bullying & Harassment – Moira Jenkins PhD
  • SINERGY Conflict Coaching Workshop – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Commercial Collaborative Practice – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Succession Planning – Family Business Association


  • Member of the St James Ethics Centre
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD Course)
  • CEPA & Member of The Exit Planning Institute
  • Certified Professional of the Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Member of the Association of Dispute Resolvers (LEADR)
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Family Business Association
  • The Institution of Engineers