Christian Muzard

Christian Muzard is an entrepreneur, Director on advisory boards, business mentor, business development expert, meta-coach, and neuro-semantic practitioner. He started his career as a para-commando officer. After graduating as a civil and electrical engineer,  he worked in the oil industry in Angola, Gabon, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya with employees from many developed countries. He came to Australia as a business migrant and he is a dual citizen of Australia and France.


Serving as Chair Person at The Executive Connection
The Executive Connection (TEC) is an international network of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) who meet regularly in a group of twelve to sixteen to share their know-how and address each other’s business issues and opportunities. TEC is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of Chief Executives.  During that period, Christian advised around 60 CEOs and Business Owners, helping them to grow their business.

Working as the MD of The Change Dynamic & the Financial Director of Margot Cairnes International
The businesses were employing 21 consultants, experts in Culture Change and Corporate Transformation.

Chairing the Not-For-Profit Organisation, Leadership Without Borders
This Organisation was involved in providing guidelines on how to handle bullying in schools.

Serving as a Member of the Foreign Qualification for European Languages at the Institution of Engineers
Christian was in charge of assessing the qualifications of European Engineers.

Serving as Chairman of CHEFIN Advisory Board
CHEFIN Is a fast-growing Small Business enabling innovative and independent Chefs to bring authentic food and culture from around the world to your business and home. 

Serving as Chairman of Playoust Churcher Advisory Board
Playoust Churcher is an architectural and construction consulting business based on Sydney’s North Shore. My role was to develop a market niche by using innovative sales processes. 

Working as an Engineer in the Oil industry in Africa for Schlumberger International
This period shaped the rest of my life. My responsibilities included; managerial duties, WHS including handling of radioactive equipment, handling and destruction of explosives. In Libya, I was in charge of a centre located in the Sahara Desert with 20 employees, a plane and many trucks carrying electronic equipment for oil exploration. Annual turnover was $40 – 50 million. The employees were from many countries, New Zealand, Sweden, Britain,  France, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Mexico and Nigeria.

Serving as a Paratroop Commando and Training Officer in the French Army.


  • Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Specialisation in Offshore Platforms from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille.” Graduated 1981
  • Director Course – Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program – Exit Planning Institute
  • NLP & NS Practitioner, Meta-Coach
  • Foundation of Human Resources Professional Development – AHRI
  • MBA of the Street – Family Business Association
  • Conflict Resolution – The Conflict Resolution Network
  • Mediating Workplace Bullying Complaints – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Mediation Course – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Train the Trainer: Preventing and Managing Bullying & Harassment – Moira Jenkins PhD
  • SINERGY Conflict Coaching Workshop – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Commercial Collaborative Practice – LEADR Association of Dispute Resolvers
  • Succession Planning – Family Business Association


  • Member of the St James Ethics Centre
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD Course)
  • CEPA & Member of The Exit Planning Institute
  • Certified Professional of the Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Member of the Association of Dispute Resolvers (LEADR)
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Family Business Association
  • The Institution of Engineers