Perfecting Your Leadership Skills

Today, more than ever, leadership is an essential skill to become a fully functioning and efficient member of our society.

Most leaders are exceptional. Not only do they want to succeed, but they also wish to contribute to the betterment of our society and make a difference to the people they lead.

Unfortunately, with the constant degradation of the global economy and the latest pandemic, everyone has less opportunity for communication, negotiation, and diplomacy.

Bullying and rogue behaviours are on the increase everywhere, especially at some levels of our society.

Developing your leadership skills through experience is achievable but slow. Mistakes can be expensive and destructive.

On the other hand, a professional who can help you navigate the obstacles during a time of rapid change is a safer way to progress.

My passion is leadership and the challenges encountered by high-level professionals during their career.

I am creative, unconventional, and forward-thinking. I am a born entrepreneur. Over the years, I have developed leading-edge tools that I now use with my clients to ensure they will get what they want.

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Virtual CEO

The role of Virtual CEO is usually found in small to medium-sized businesses, when the business is led by an owner. A Virtual CEO is the equivalent of a business partner, except that they have no financial interest in the business. The main advantage is that the owner is able to discuss any issue in a confidential manner and share some of the heavy work load.

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M&A and Exit Planning

Regardless if you are selling or buying a business, you need to find ways to increase its value. I work with a team of experts who have many years of experience in making businesses more valuable while keeping them operating efficiently.

For more information, please email me at christian@christianmuzard.com

Leading-edge concepts offer remarkable strategies that deliver extraordinary outcomes”

– Christian Muzard

As the world of private advisory grows exponentially, dealing with boards is an essential skill set. Managing expectations of The Board, Founders, Shareholders, Staff, Strategic Alliances are just a few of the issues that are vital to be across. Strong leadership skills, political and diplomatic acumen are often the key to solving problems with little margin for error.

I have known and worked with Christian for many years. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting in a room with Christian and our fellow colleagues of the innovation chapter monthly for many years and have been privileged to watch and take part in many keynote talks by Christian. We have also worked on a 1-on-1 basis delving deeply and strategically into individual & professional motivators.

Christian certainly has a knack for merging analysis and logical thinking with feelings and values. Navigating the complexities of any challenge become clearer and the implementation more straightforward. I have no hesitation in recommending Christian at the executive board or private advisory level who no doubt are faced with complex and sensitive issues.

Tony Jacobson
Business Strategist . Angel Investor . Private Advisor
“Christian and I held similar positions in the same organisation - The Executive Connection/Vistage - for several years, and I acknowledge him as a deep thinker, life-long learner and expert business strategist.”​
Graham Jenkins
Executive Search Specialist Board Director & Mentor to CEOs and Senior Execs
I have engaged Christian Muzard to work with me on developing a business strategy to expand our business offerings, whilst also addressing culture change within the organisation. Christian has been able to identify the numerous issues and assist in developing a clear strategy for growth via a series of strategic planning sessions. More importantly, the strategic sessions not only focus on the business goals but also personal goals and the challenges that need to be met and addressed. I would also have no hesitation in recommending Christian for Business and Mentoring Strategy work.
Brett Churcher
Managing Director at Playoust Churcher Architects
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Christian. I have been lucky enough to work with Christian though different engagements over the last 5 years. Christian has always been very thorough in his work and delivery of his services. Christian takes a deep interest in the people he works for and makes the time to help people beyond expectation. Christian has a real ability to dig into problems very quickly and help implement the tools required to have an immediate impact. I would have no trouble recommending Christian!
Nathan Stanffield
Transforming Business With Technology | Cyber Security Evangelist | Founder at Stanfield IT